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Rental Clean Out Austin

Ensuring a rental space is clean and tenant-ready is a vital step in property management. A clean, welcoming environment is essential for attracting new tenants, and that’s where professional cleanout services come into play.

Smiley’s Rental Clean Out Austin specializes in efficient and eco-friendly tenant cleanouts in Austin with Smiley’s, tackling everything from furniture to appliances, ensuring a swift and sustainable transition between tenants. Our professional rental cleanouts with Smiley’s Junk Removal have been trusted in Austin since 2011, known for our speed and attention to detail.

For landlords and property managers aiming for quick tenant transition assistance by Smiley’s, our team guarantees your property will be ready for its next chapter with minimal downtime. Contact us to prepare your rental for its new occupants.

Complete Rental Clean Out Austin Solutions

Smiley’s Junk Removal delivers prompt and thorough rental & tenant cleanouts, quickly clearing out old appliances and any leftover items. Our left-behind items removal by Smiley’s in Austin ensures your rental is clean and ready for new tenants with speed and precision.

Quick Disposal of Left-Behind Renter Furniture & Appliances

Our team knows that old furniture and appliances can be a hassle. That's why we focus on getting them out quickly. When tenants leave these large items behind, it can slow down getting new renters. But with our service, you won't have to wait. We pick up, haul away, and dispose of these bulky items fast. This way, your rental is ready for a quick makeover and a new tenant.

Thorough Removal of Rental Clean Out Junk, Debris & Waste

We're not just about speed; we're also thorough. Our team looks in every corner for junk and waste. We even take care of the small stuff that might get overlooked. By the time we're done, your rental will look spotless. We're talking shiny floors and empty spaces, just waiting for new tenants. And we do all this while keeping our service eco-friendly. We make sure to recycle and dispose of everything the right way.

Assistance for Pre-Rental and Post-Tenant Cleanouts

Whether you're just about to rent out a property or you've just said goodbye to a tenant, we're here to help. We provide quick tenant transition assistance by Smiley's. That means we clean out the property before a new tenant moves in and after the old one moves out. We're here for the whole journey, making sure your rental space is always ready.

Our Austin Property Cleanup Price List

*Prices subject to change without notice.*
*We believe in integrity, we stick to the prices we quote!*
We charge a base price depending on how much space is used in the trailer.
All charges include all costs involved with removing unwanted items.
We use a 15ft trailer with 4ft sides
tenant cleanout austin


$125.00 - $200.00

tenant cleanout austin


$450.00 - $550.00

tenant cleanout austin


$650.00 - $950.00

In addition to the above regular charges.
Freon disposal fee $50.00 per appliance
(EX. refrigerator, Window AC unit, water coolers)
We do not take RV refrigerators.
Mattress & Box Spring: $30.00 each plus tax.
(EX. Minimum charge $125.00 + tax, one mattress and one box spring $60.00 + Tax. = $185.00 + tax)
Tires $10.00 + Tax
Tires with rim $20.00 + tax up to regular truck tires.
Call for semi-truck tires and prices.
Labor is $140.00 an hour for 2-3 people for extra work such as cleaning, moving items, set up, etc. beyond the typical hauling experience.

Why Choose Smiley’s for Rental Clean Out Austin?

When it’s time for a clean sweep, Smiley’s Junk Removal is the team you need. We’ve spent years mastering rental & tenant cleanouts, making us a top pick in Austin.
junk removal austin

Years of Dedication in Rental Property Cleanouts

For over ten years, Smiley's Junk Removal has been the go-to team for rental & tenant cleanouts. Our experienced crew dives into each project with the know-how to clear out and refresh every property. We turn chaos into cleanliness, ensuring each rental is welcoming for new tenants.

junk removal austin

Preferred by Landlords, Property Managers, and Realtors

Landlords, property managers, and realtors across Austin choose us for their cleanout needs. They count on us to provide spotless results every time. Our commitment to excellence has made Smiley's a trusted name in professional rental cleanouts with Smiley's Junk Removal.

junk removal austin

Complete Solutions, from Initial Inspection to Final Cleanup

From start to finish, Smiley's offers a full-service cleanout. We start with a thorough inspection, identifying what needs to go. Then our team gets to work, sorting, hauling, and cleaning until your space is pristine. With us, you can expect a comprehensive clean, leaving no stone unturned and no junk behind. Find out about our all-inclusive services on our about us.

Tenant Cleanouts in Austin with Smiley’s: Detailed & Eco-Friendly

Our cleanouts are thorough and kind to the planet. We check every spot and clear out responsibly.

Comprehensive Rental Property Evaluation & Transparent Quotations

No surprises here—just honest, clear pricing after a careful property check.

Prioritizing Safety of Valuable Property Assets in Austin, Texas

We treat your property with care, ensuring valuable items stay safe while we clean.

Expedited Cleaning, Ensuring Quick Austin Rental Turnaround

We work fast to get your rental back on the market ASAP, without skimping on the details.

Emphasis on Green Disposal and Recycling Methods for your rental clean out near Austin.

We think of the earth, too. Recycling and green disposal are part of every cleanout we do.
tenant clean out austin tx

Client Testimonials: Experiences with Smiley’s Tenant Cleanouts

People love our work, and they aren’t shy about saying it. Here’s a selection of reviews we’ve received.


Average: 4.78 rating out of 41 reviews
Mark Barlow
Mark Barlow5 years ago
Read More
Great service, friendly and professional staff that started on time and finished quickly!! The guys cleaned up everything and were very professional! Would highly recommend Smiley’s Junk Removal Service to anyone who wants the job done correctly and the price very fair!!
Luis from Texas
Luis from Texas5 years ago
Read More
I was very impressed. I made an appointment a week ahead of time. Smiley called the day before to verify that I was ready and he also gave me 15 minutes notice that he was on his way.
Adam Giese
Adam Giese2 years ago
Read More
Everybody I worked with was friendly and professional. They were very communicative regarding timeline and estimates. Would absolutely use again.
Todd Dunn
Todd Dunn3years ago
Read More
Great professional Service, and equally as great people as well. Spencer and his crew are top notch, and will handle your needs with the up most care and professionalism. I have been doing business with him for over six years, and he has never let me down, and even has surpassed my expectations.
You can read what they say about us on our testimonials section. Their words are a big thumbs up for our hard work.

Appreciation for Timely and Efficient Services

Our clients are busy people. They appreciate that we show up on time and get the job done quickly. They love that we make their rentals look great, fast. This helps them get new renters in without missing a beat. And they’re grateful for how we handle every detail, so they don’t have to.

Positive Feedback on Smiley’s Detail-Oriented Approach

Details matter to us, and our clients notice. They like that we don’t just sweep through quickly. We make sure everything is picked up, cleaned up, and looking just right. Our clients say that our top rental property cleanout services by Smiley’s make their lives easier.

Commendation for Sustainable Disposal Procedures

Our clients also care about the earth, just like we do. They’re glad we recycle and donate what we can. They tell us it feels good to know their junk isn’t just ending up in a landfill. Our eco-friendly tenant cleanouts in Austin with Smiley’s mean they’re choosing a service that’s good for the planet. If you need to drop off hazardous waste, go HERE.

FAQs on Rental & Tenant Cleanouts

Everyone has questions, and we’ve got answers. We’ve collected the most common ones we hear about rental & tenant cleanouts. We want you to know how we work and what to expect when you choose Smiley’s tenant cleanouts in Austin TX. Good questions lead to clear answers, and clear answers mean you can trust us with your property.

1. How does Smiley's Junk Removal ensure valuables are untouched during tenant cleanouts?

We train our team to be super careful. They know how to tell the difference between trash and treasures. And they make sure not to mix them up. Your valuables are safe with us.

2. What's the typical turnaround time for Smiley's rental property cleanouts?

Fast. That’s the simple answer. We get in, clean up, and get out so your property is ready quickly. With our quick tenant transition assistance by Smiley’s, you can expect a clean rental in no time.

3. How does Smiley's incorporate eco-friendly practices during tenant cleanouts?

We think green. That means we recycle what we can and throw away as little as possible. Our eco-friendly tenant cleanouts in Austin with Smiley’s are all about being good to the earth.

4. Can property managers be present during the cleanout process?

Sure! If you want to be there, we welcome it. It’s your property, and we want you to feel comfortable with our work.

5. Are there any upfront costs or hidden fees with Smiley's tenant cleanouts?

Nope. We give you all the costs up front. No surprises later on. We’re honest because we want you to feel good about choosing Smiley’s. Contact us to get a clear quote and to schedule a free estimate through our contact us.
Get to Know Smiley’s Junk Removal & Recycling
We’re more than just cleaners; we’re a dedicated team in Austin. Serving the community since 2011, we pride ourselves on making spaces shine and helping folks in the process. We offer comprehensive apartment clearance and more. Discover our journey and mission. Discover our journey and mission.

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